Revolutionizing Automotive Payments with Digital Currencies

We help drive sales in the automotive industry by enabling faster, more secure and more convenient transactions.

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Digital Payment Solutions to Grow Your Businesses

Businesses looking to expand their reach and access to crypto-wealth clients can benefit from offering fast, secure, and convenient payment options. We provide a seamless payment experience that can improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.​​

Let Your Customers Pay Their Way

Enhance your customers’ payment experience and access to crypto-wealth clients.

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

Streamline the checkout experience by accepting multiple payment methods such as QR codes, credit cards or digital currencies.

No Chargebacks for Crypto Payments

Reducing the possibility of fraud and disputes. We help merchants eliminate the cost and hassle of chargeback disputes.

With Lower Transaction Fees

Merchants can significantly reduce high transaction fees by using digital currencies as a payment method while increasing profits.

Whether you’re looking

to increase sales, reduce costs, or just make your payment transactions easier, we got you covered.

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We decided to partner with dtcpay because they are trusted and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and as an early believer and investor in blockchain technology, we’re confident that blockchain in the automotive industry has the potential to bring significant benefits.


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