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Effortlessly send money globally with dtcpay Global Pay. Enjoy same-day processing, flat fees, and wide currency support for your global transactions.

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Same-day global transfers to
over 100 countries worldwide!

Effortlessly send money to over 100 countries with support for multi-currencies!

Wide Currency Support

Supports major fiat and cryptocurrencies!

Global Coverage

Send money to over 100 countries worldwide!

Same-Day Transfers

Same-day transfers with one flat fee!

What We Offer

Enjoy hassle-free fiat transfers for third-party payments, be it from bank accounts or via crypto-to-fiat conversion, all processed swiftly within the same day.

Enable global transactions with confidence, backed by a regulated platform that ensures efficient and secure cross-border payments.

Enjoy cost-effective flat-rate fees and transparent pricing for cost-management upfront.

How It Works

On your wallet dashboard, select Crypto or Fiat, then select your preferred currency and click Pay Out.

Our user-friendly interface streamlines the process, making it effortless for you to send funds promptly and securely in a few clicks.

You will receive a swift and straightforward confirmation once your payment has been successfully processed.

Enjoy global transactions
at your fingertips.

Global Payment Capability

Extensive Currency Support

Transparent Pricing

Payment Tracking

Same-Day Transfers


How We Can Help

Everything you need to know about dtcpay Global Pay.

dtcpay offers swift, secure and low-cost global transfers to a wide range of countries with same-day processing capabilities.

Money transfers are generally processed and completed within the same day.

dtcpay supports various major currencies such as USD, SGD, GBP, EUR, HKD, with ongoing efforts to include additional currencies. Major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC are also supported.

dtcpay allows transfers to a extensive range of countries.

We offer competitive rates and low fees. You can easily view the applicable rates within the app to ensure full transparency in the cost of your transactions.

Why dtcpay

Your strategic partner in flexible e-payments

Experience our diverse range of payment methods tailored to your requirements. Rely on a fully licensed digital payments service provider that ensures the safety of your funds without holding them.

Low Cost

We offer transparent and competitive pricing to help you grow your businesses.

Seamless and Secure 

We allow you to accept and transfer fiat & crypto seamlessly, and securely withdraw the funds to your wallets.

Regulated and Licensed

We are a regulated Digital Payment Token (DPT) service provider licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Want to know more about our Global Pay Solutions?

Explore how our innovative solution can help you and your business save time and money on international fund transfers.

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