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We are a regulated Major Payment Institution (MPI), licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), to conduct Digital Payment Token (DPT) services and other payment services under the Payment Services Act (PSA).

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Our Story

We’re just getting started

Our journey began in 2019 when we recognized the potential for enhancing payments through blockchain technology. We initiated our efforts in the realm of payments during an era when service providers relied on a fragmented, system-built traditional infrastructure. Our goal was to introduce a blockchain technology platform tailored for the digital landscape, with the aim of making transactions faster, safer, and more cost-efficient.

Today, we provide digital payment solutions such as multi-currency swaps, online payments, in-store payments and crypto payments to help individuals and businesses worldwide conduct value transfers in a seamless and efficient way.

Our Milestones

Founded in 2019, when we saw that payments could be improved with blockchain technology.

October 2019

Founded in 2019, in Singapore.

August 2020

Launched Multi-Currency Swaps, facilitating seamless pay in and pay out transactions.

May 2021

Launched the first regulated crypto acceptance in-store POS+ device, empowering merchants to accept crypto payments.

February 2022

Received in-principal approval for Digital Payment Token (DPT) services by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

August 2022

Granted a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide Digital Payment Token (DPT) and other payment services under the Payment Services Act (PSA).

October 2022

The only Asia-based company to be selected for the Mastercard Start Path program.

December 2022

Established operational presence in Hong Kong.

June 2023

Completed Pre-Series A fund raising, led by Mr Kwee Liong Tek, Chairman of Pontiac Land Group.

April 2024

Granted a TCSP (Trust or Company Service Providers) License in Hong Kong

April 2024

Launched the dtcpay Card enabling multi-currency spend at over 100 million locations worldwide.

May 2024

Established our Kuala Lumpur office, bolstering our customer service capabilities with round-the-clock support.

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Your strategic partner in multi-currency swaps

Experience secure, reliable swaps at competitive rates with a licensed digital payment provider that never holds your funds.

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We offer a transparent and competitive rate to help you grow your businesses.

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We allow you to seamlessly accept & transfer fiat or crypto, and securely withdraw the funds to your wallet.

Regulated and Licensed

We are a regulated digital payment services provider licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

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To ensure that we’re operating
within a regulated environment

We’re a regulated and licensed digital payment services provider that is focused on offering secure, and legally compliant solutions for the payments industry.

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We believe that the key to any company’s success lies in its people. Working at dtcpay is about passion, collaboration, and action. We choose the best industry talents and reward them accordingly.

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