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Jeripay and dtcpay partner to offer seamless retail payments

As featured on IBS Intelligence, 25 Sep 2023

25 Sep 2023 2 mins Read


As featured on IBS Intelligence, 25 Sep 2023

Jeripay and dtcpay partner to offer seamless retail payments

Jeripay, a point-of-sale (POS) technology company, has announced a strategic long-term collaboration with dtcpay, a cryptocurrency payment solution provider.


This partnership aims to empower retailers by integrating cryptocurrency as a new and secure form of payment within Jeripay’s POS system covering over 8,000 terminals locations in Singapore. Jeripay and dtcpay will work closely to provide retailers with a seamless and secure way to accept cryptocurrencies, expanding their customer base and enhancing their payment options.


Key highlights of this collaboration include:


  • Integration of Cryptocurrency Payments: Powered by dtcpay, retailers using Jeripay’s POS system will now have the capability to accept cryptocurrencies, providing customers with greater flexibility in their payment choices.
  • Enhanced Security: The partnership will implement cutting-edge security measures to ensure that cryptocurrency transactions are safe and protected from potential threats, boosting confidence in both retailers and consumers.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Jeripay and dtcpay will prioritise creating a user-friendly experience, ensuring that customers can make cryptocurrency payments effortlessly, and promoting wider adoption among everyday consumers.


“By integrating dtcpay’s blockchain payment system in the Jeripay POS, we are able to instantly deploy at over 8,000 locations around Singapore enabling more merchants to adopt digital currency payments. Singapore businesses will get a significant boost to their bottom line with lower transaction fees with faster settlement, “noted Kanny Lee, dtcpay.


“We are happy to partner with dtcpay and share the same philosophy in open innovation. This collaboration can leverage both organisations’ expertise to better support the current dynamic payment market. It will be an exciting period for Jeripay and display team, and we look forward to our collaboration, including outside Singapore,” said Jimmy Teo, CEO of Jeripay.


This collaboration aims to redefine the retail payment landscape, making it more inclusive, secure, and adaptable to consumers’ evolving preferences. dtcpay and Jeripay foresee a prosperous partnership and invite retailers and merchants to join them in this journey.