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Navigating the Future of Cryptocurrency Payments at Web3 Festival

dtcpay’s CSO Anson Zeall dives into the future of crypto payments at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. Explore opportunities, challenges, and collaborative endeavors shaping the ever-evolving landscape.

8 Apr 2024 2 mins Read


dtcpay’s CSO Anson Zeall dives into the future of crypto payments at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. Explore opportunities, challenges, and collaborative endeavors shaping the ever-evolving landscape.


The intersection of cryptocurrency and traditional finance is a realm brimming with opportunities and challenges. Anson Zeall, the Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Compliance at dtcpay, recently shared invaluable insights into this dynamic landscape during the ‘Web3 Payment Re-imagined’ session at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival.

Growing Need for Cryptocurrency Payments

Commencing his discourse, Zeall shed light on the growing demand for cryptocurrency payments and the ecosystem fostering their expansion. He outlined the benefits for businesses embracing cryptocurrency and stablecoin transactions, signaling a transformative shift in financial paradigms.

Outlook on Crypto Payments

Backing his assertions with data-driven insights, Zeall navigated through the burgeoning landscape of cryptocurrency payment apps. He highlighted the exponential growth trajectory, fueled by the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and its integration into commercial operations. Projections painted a vivid picture of a market poised for a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.23% by 2030. Notably, Zeall spotlighted the substantial progress, with 312 major brands already embracing crypto payments, signaling a palpable momentum towards mainstream acceptance.

Challenges and Opportunities in Crypto Payments

Yet, amid this optimism, Zeall underscored the imperative of proactive regulatory frameworks. He emphasized the critical need for effective payment regulations, advocating for a nuanced comprehension of the Commonwealth Model Law. Acknowledging the inherent challenges of pioneering technology adoption, Zeall called for collaborative efforts to navigate the regulatory landscape, thus facilitating sustainable growth and broader adoption of crypto payments.

Innovation and Regulation in Crypto Payments

In a bid to foster synergy and innovation, Zeall extended an invitation to cultivate global partnerships between private and public sectors. Recognizing the relationship between regulatory clarity and technological advancement, he underscored the importance of a harmonious convergence between innovation and compliance. Through nurturing partnerships across diverse stakeholders, Zeall envisioned a future where crypto payments flourish within a conducive regulatory environment.


Wrapping up his address, Zeall summarized the essence of the Web3 Festival—a hub of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of decentralized technologies. Encouraging attendees to engage fully, he highlighted the significance of collective action in shaping the future of crypto payments.


In conclusion, Anson Zeall’s presentation at the Web3 Festival provided a profound insight into the evolving landscape of crypto payments. With a blend of optimism, pragmatism, and a call to action, Zeall navigated through the complexities of innovation and regulation, illuminating a path forward for stakeholders.


As the world embraces the transformative potential of blockchain technology, we invite you to join us on this journey toward mainstream adoption of crypto payments, propelled by collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to regulatory clarity.


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