Fueling the Web3 Payment Transformation: Pro-Tac Motors Redefine Digital Payment Experiences

Singapore – 17 August, Singapore – Pro-Tac Motors and dtcpay have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at delivering a seamless and secure digital payment experience to automotive enthusiasts and clients.

17 Aug 2023 3 mins Read


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Singapore – 17 August, Singapore – Pro-Tac Motors and dtcpay have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership to deliver a seamless and secure digital payment experience to automotive enthusiasts and clients.

Pro-Tac Motors, a trailblazing force in the world of automobiles, has entered into a dynamic partnership with dtcpay, a leading innovator in the web3 payment landscape.


By seamlessly integrating dtcpay’s cutting-edge technology into Pro-Tac Motors’ ecosystem, clients will unlock a host of benefits, including enhanced security, unprecedented speed, ultimate convenience, and trailblazing innovation.


The collaboration between dtcpay and Pro-Tac Motors represents an exciting transformation in digital payment experiences. By integrating dtcpay’s advanced technology into Pro-Tac Motors’ operations, clients can expect enhanced security, faster transactions, ultimate convenience, and groundbreaking innovation. 


Blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent payments, while cryptocurrency accelerates transaction speeds, reducing waiting times. This partnership simplifies payments for purchasing vehicles, automotive services, and other offerings at Pro-Tac Galleria. Beyond the automotive industry, this union heralds innovation in various domains, forging a path towards a future filled with possibilities.


As this partnership evolves, we are poised to revolutionise the realm of digital payments, delivering a future where every interaction within the automotive world is characterised by seamlessness, security, and unparalleled efficiency.”

Damien Aw

Business Owner of Pro-Tac Motors

Kanny Lee, Group CEO of dtcpay, highlighted the company’s prominent position in the digital payment revolution, stating, “dtcpay leads the charge in this digital payment revolution, with our expertise in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the creation of seamless payment solutions placing us as true industry trailblazers. This strategic partnership is an extension of our influence into the automotive sector, presenting exciting new avenues for innovation and customer-centric solutions.”


Pro-Tac Motors’ reputation for excellence and trustworthiness enhances dtcpay’s credibility in the eyes of potential clients. This trust is crucial in the digital payment industry, where security and reliability are paramount. By integrating dtcpay’s technology into Pro-Tac Motors’ ecosystem, dtcpay can contribute to an enhanced customer experience, offering seamless and secure payment options. The fusion of automotive and digital payment expertise opens the door to innovation not only within the automotive sector but also in other domains, broadening the scope of dtcpay’s impact.

About Pro-Tac Motors


Pro-Tac Motors was founded by Danny & Damien Aw, Who have been in the industry for a combined 40 years. Integrating Traditional and Modern concepts, Pro-Tac Motors business model is simple, to provide the best for our clients.


We started with a humble beginning of dealing with Pre-Loved Mass Consumer Vehicles, gaining the Product/Mechanical Knowledge and Client Confidence. Pro-Tac Motors has since evolved into a place where High End or Mass Consumer Clients can comfortably come to us to look for their Dream Car.


In the pursuit of serving our client better, we’ve been expanding into a few more arms of the industry. Forming the Pro-Tac Group:


  • Pro-Tac Motors
  • Pro-Tac Performance
  • Pro-Tac MotorWorks
  • Pro-Tac Armada
  • Pro-Tac Galleria


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About dtcpay


dtcpay is a regulated payment service provider that offers reliable solutions for merchants to grow revenues with increased acceptance rates across Fiat and cryptocurrency.  Our client’s customers benefit from frictionless payment experiences whether they are using our award-winning POS+ terminal in-store or using our online checkout.


Founded in 2019 in Singapore, dtcpay is a licensed Major Payment Institution (MPI) under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and offers Digital Payment Token (DPT) services.


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