dtcpay Delivers Sustainable Payments through Eco-Friendly Packaging

Discover how dtcpay and Burgopak have teamed up to revolutionize the payment card unboxing experience with eco-friendly packaging. Learn about the innovative design, commitment to sustainability, and global reach of the new dtcpay card.

11 Jun 2024 2 mins Read


Singapore, 11 June, 2024 – dtcpay, the front runner in revolutionizing digital payments, proudly announces its collaboration with packaging design innovator, Burgopak, to introduce an unparalleled unboxing experience for its groundbreaking global payment card.

The partnership between dtcpay and Burgopak signifies a commitment to redefine the payment experience. By integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology with Burgopak’s visionary packaging, the collaboration aims to offer users not only seamless payment solutions but also an immersive journey from the moment they receive their card package.

As pioneers in bridging traditional finance with the transformative potential of Web3, dtcpay empowers individuals and businesses to embrace cryptocurrency without the hurdles of infrastructure overhaul or volatility concerns. The freshly launched global payment card will unlock access to over 100 million Mastercard acceptance locations worldwide, revolutionizing the way people transact globally.


Dane Whitehouse, Creative Director at Burgopak, shared insights into the collaboration:

“When thinking about the packaging of dtcpay’s payment card, the aim was to encapsulate the brand’s values and demonstrate its vibrancy. Burgopak provided dtcpay with a ‘telescopic’ sliding packaging design, overlaid with dynamic artwork. Fractal patterns, derived from the primary diamond shaped logo, combined with elegant gradient effects, really help bring the packaging to life.”

Dane Whitehouse

Creative Director at Burgopak

dtcpay’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond digital transactions. Partnering with Burgopak was essential to echo the commitment to a greener future.


Ashlee Zhang, Head of Marketing at dtcpay, emphasized the significance of the collaboration:

“We wanted users to recognize our brand from the moment they laid eyes on the packaging. The external design had to be not just eye-catching but also a reflection of our professionalism and commitment to excellence.”

Ashlee Zhang

Head of Marketing at dtcpay

With Burgopak’s innovative packaging, the unboxing experience becomes a seamless extension of dtcpay’s commitment to making global transactions effortless and cost-effective. As the rollout of the global payment card continues, dtcpay invites the world to join in shaping the future of payments, one card at a time.


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dtcpay is a leading provider of digital payment solutions, pioneering the integration of cryptocurrency acceptance into traditional financial systems. With a vision to make global transactions seamless and sustainable, dtcpay empowers individuals and businesses to embrace the future of payments.


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