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Headquarters partners dtcpay to enable crypto payments at Singapore’s members-only Mandala Club

As featured on Daily Markup, 26 Sep 2023

26 Sep 2023 < 1 mins Read


As featured on Daily Markup, 26 Sep 2023

Buying a round with crypto

  • Web3 and reality continue to merge as cryptocurrencies are increasingly accepted as a payment method at the places we visit.
  • For instance, 500-backed Web3 fintech company Headquarters has partnered with digital payment solutions provider dtcpay and the exclusive Mandala Club in Singapore to allow its clientele the option of paying for their drinks with crytocurrency.
  • To pay with crypto, members simply scan a QR code on one of dtcpay’s POS terminals, and Headquarters takes care of issuing digital invoices, settlement and accounting. This initiative aims to streamline Mandala Club’s business operations while enhancing the overall payment experience for their valued members.
  • This payment option fits into Mandala club’s NFT-based memberships via its Genesis Pass, which gives members access to other exclusive clubs around the world, and previews, first looks and passes to developments and projects within the Mandalaverse.


Sharon Paul, CEO of Headquarters.

“We’re excited to support Mandala as they embark on their Web3 journey, starting with NFT-enabled memberships and crypto payments. Our partnership ensures streamlined financial operations, mirroring the seamless experiences Mandala offers to her members. Through this collaboration with dtcpay, we look forward to not only supporting Mandala’s innovative ventures but also setting new benchmarks for operational excellence for businesses adopting digital assets, world of NFTs and crypto.”

Sharon Paul

CEO of Headquarters

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