Anson Zeall Appointed as Chief Strategy Officer at dtcpay

dtcpay announces strategic development within leadership team. Anson Zeall, who has been serving as Head of Compliance, will now be leading as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

4 Jan 2024 3 mins Read


We are pleased to announce a significant development within the leadership team at dtcpay. Anson Zeall, who has been serving as our Head of Compliance, has recently been appointed as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) to guide dtcpay through its next phase of growth and innovation.

Anson Zeall: Seasoned Veteran in Compliance Management

As Head of Compliance, Anson has played an instrumental role in navigating dtcpay through the complex regulatory landscape inherent to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. His dedication to maintaining the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct has been exemplary, establishing dtcpay as a reputable and compliant entity within the industry.

CSO Appointment: A Strategic Move

The appointment of Anson as Chief Strategy Officer in addition to Head of Compliance, is not only a recognition of his contributions but also a strategic move to reinforce our commitment to strategy and compliance. Anson’s comprehensive understanding of regulatory intricacies positions him perfectly to lead dtcpay forward in an era where strategy and compliance are paramount.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit in Compliance

Beyond his role in compliance, Anson brings forth an entrepreneurial spirit evidenced by his co-founding of IDAXA (The International Digital Asset Exchange Association) and ACCESS (The Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association). This dual expertise in both compliance and entrepreneurship enriches our organizational ethos, marrying regulatory precision with a forward-thinking approach.

Active Engagement in Regulatory Dialogues

Anson has been actively engaged in various regulatory collaborations, notably contributing to events such as the V20 Summit. His ability to navigate complex regulatory dialogues and influence policy discussions underscores not only his deep industry knowledge but also his strategic insight into the evolving regulatory landscape.

dtcpay: Pioneering Secure and Compliant Transactions

Founded in 2019 in Singapore, dtcpay stands as a regulated payment service provider at the forefront of the web3 payments industry. Our commitment to ensuring secure and compliant transactions for merchants and users alike has been a cornerstone of our success.

An Era of Strategic Leadership

With Anson assuming the role of CSO, dtcpay is poised for a future where security and compliance are integral components of our strategic vision. This appointment underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance in an ever-evolving industry.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this new chapter under Anson’s leadership, we anticipate an era of continued growth, innovation, and unwavering commitment to compliance and security. We extend our sincere congratulations to Anson on this well-deserved appointment and express confidence in his ability to guide dtcpay towards new heights of success.
We look forward to the continued support of our clients, partners, and stakeholders as dtcpay advances under the leadership of Anson as Chief Strategy Officer.
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About dtcpay

dtcpay is a regulated payment service provider that offers reliable solutions for merchants to grow their revenues with higher acceptance rates for Fiat and cryptocurrency transactions. Our client’s customers benefit from frictionless payment experiences whether they are using our award-winning POS+ terminal in-store or using our online checkout.


Founded in 2019 in Singapore, dtcpay is a licensed Major Payment Institution (MPI) under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and offers Digital Payment Token (DPT) services.


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