dtcpay Awarded Best Multi-Currency Swap Platform by PAN FINANCE

The award recognizes dtcpay’s leadership in revolutionizing global payments through regulatory excellence and technological innovation.

10 Jul 2024 2 mins Read


Singapore, 10 July 2024 – dtcpay, a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), proudly accepts the esteemed Best Multi-Currency Swap Platform Award from PAN FINANCE. This accolade recognizes dtcpay’s exceptional leadership and innovation in revolutionizing global digital payments.

Leading the Way Across Regulatory Excellence, Technological Innovation, and Global Impact

dtcpay stands at the forefront of regulatory compliance, operating under MAS oversight to ensure the highest standards of security and legality in financial transactions. This regulatory rigor not only safeguards customer trust but also underscores dtcpay’s commitment to operational excellence.


Since its establishment in 2019, dtcpay has leveraged extensive experience in blockchain technology to pioneer seamless multi-currency swap solutions. This innovative approach not only enhances transaction efficiency but also anticipates and addresses the evolving needs of global markets.


With a strategic presence spanning the Americas, Europe, Hong Kong, and the Middle East, dtcpay has cultivated a robust global footprint. This expansive reach empowers dtcpay to deliver tailored multi-currency solutions that resonate across diverse economies, cementing its reputation as a global leader in digital finance.


dtcpay’s industry acclaim, including the prestigious SFF Global FinTech Award and recognition as the Best Cryptocurrency Payment Company at the Singapore Business Awards 2023, underscores its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the digital payments landscape.


Central to dtcpay’s ethos is a profound commitment to customer satisfaction, exemplified by intuitive solutions designed for both merchants and individual users. This customer-centric approach ensures seamless transactions that redefine convenience and reliability in digital payments.


Anson Zeall, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Compliance at dtcpay, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating,


“We are honored to receive the Best Multi-Currency Swap Platform award from PAN FINANCE, affirming dtcpay’s commitment to transforming digital payments. Our mission, ‘Tomorrow’s Payments, Today,’ drives us to innovate and streamline crypto and stablecoin conversions, simplifying traditional exchanges.”

He added,
“Positioned at the forefront of web3 innovation, dtcpay continues to redefine global transactions, bridging digital and everyday economies. This award underscores our dedication to enhancing accessibility and usability in digital currency, marking a significant milestone in our journey.”

dtcpay’s receipt of the Best Multi-Currency Swap Platform Award from PAN FINANCE not only celebrates its outstanding achievements but also heralds a new era of innovation and customer-centricity in global digital finance.


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About dtcpay

dtcpay is a leading provider of digital payment solutions, pioneering the integration of cryptocurrency acceptance into traditional financial systems. With a vision to make global transactions seamless and sustainable, dtcpay empowers individuals and businesses to embrace the future of payments.


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